Ecotourism comes from a rappid growth of tourism with regards to enviromental sustainability.

Ecotourism is a type of tourism practiced in relatively undisturbed natural areas with the main purpose to enjoy, observe, study, appreciate, and to conserve nature and every cultural characteristics associated in order to promote and contribute to environmental protection providing economical benefits to the local populations.

The ecotourist is the one who carries out reseach in places where man has made little if not zero impact on the enviroment. This significuntly contrinbutes to the tourist experience.

There are many types of tourism and our train of thought is oriented towards nature and environmental tourism. It is aimed at sites of excellent value from the naturalistic and landscape point of view that have poor human settlements. The environment of the tourist has very specific interests and seeks an approach to understanding the ecosystem and biodiversity, specific species, endemic species and nature route.


The Futurismo’s philosophy seeks to lead the responsible tourist in a sustainable way, so as to reflect a way of responsible travel to natural areas or places like the National Park.

The durations of our tours have often encounter a lot of “junk” in the sea, such as plastic. When we encounter these kinds of environmental problems we try to make our guests and participants gather the debris find together with the aim to preserve the environment, but with the purpose to raise awareness, to educate our guests, and to build a sustainable future.